Expanding Access For Medical Marijuana

Matt Gaetz knows the potential benefits of medical marijuana in Florida. Last year, Matt introduced legislation to reschedule the drug, allowing for a wider range of covered conditions. Now that it has been legalized across the state, he is working to make sure the new treatment is properly implemented and regulated.

Right now, there are heavy government restrictions surrounding research on marijuana. Matt knows that in order to ensure that Floridians are getting the right marijuana products and in order to prevent abuse, there needs to be as much information available as possible on the effects and science behind the drug. This is why Matt has developed a bill that would expand the number of facilities growing marijuana for research, as well as allow for universities to conduct research.

Veterans returning home from duty deserve access to whatever treatment options suit them best, which is why Matt’s amendment would also permit VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana to patients. Looking towards the future, Matt is working so individuals, especially our Vets, are protected from having other parts of their health care revoked when testing positive for marijuana.

When he first took on this fight, Matt faced skepticism from colleagues and opponents alike. Despite this, he fought for what he knew was right; that Floridians deserve access to medical treatment that can help make their lives better. Clearly, his efforts have started to pay off, as more and more Floridians are able to access medical marijuana. But the fight is far from over.

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