Two Terms, One Goal: Make America Great Again!

Last night President Trump announced his re-election campaign for the Presidency in 2020. Here is just a small list of some of the incredible things he has done while in office and why he deserves a second term. (with sources!)

1. The economy is the strongest it’s been since 1999 1 2
2. He’s winning – or won – trade wars with China, Mexico, and the EU 1 2 3
3. Despite a Pelosi-controlled House, he’s forced Mexico to enforce its own border 1
4. Black, Latino, and Asian unemployment is down 1
5. He has slashed government regulations freeing the economy to grow and prosper 1 2

Add your name to the “Two Terms, One Goal” card that we’re sending to President Trump this week. The President is truly making America great again. Let’s keep up the momentum!