Open Gaetz


Transparency and accountability in government are cornerstones of our Democracy, and Matt has always upheld these crucial values. Throughout his first year in Congress, Matt has visited every county in our district, met with countless members of the community, and held relentless Town Hall meetings.

Watch the “Open Gaetz” videos below to hear what Matt has to say directly to the citizens of Florida’s 1st Congressional District, live and uncut.


March 21st: Live from Washington

February 28th: Live with Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran

February 26th: Tax cuts mean lower Gulf Power bills…..and understanding the dueling memos.

February 2nd: The memo is out. Let’s discuss

January 3rd: With Agriculture Commissioner Candidate Matt Caldwell

December 28th: Why I Stood Alone on a Recent Vote

October 6th, 2017: Live With Roger Stone!

July 27th, 2017: Key Update on NWF BRAC Preparedness and our Bases

July 17th, 2017: Federal Budget and National Defense Update

June 27th, 2017: Live From Florida Defense Day

June 13th, 2017: Key Updates on Veterans and Illegal Immmigration Legislation

May 29th, 2017: Live with foreign Affairs Middle East Chairwoman in Israel


May 29th, 2017: Live From Israeli Knesset

May 4th, 2017: The President!

May 4th, 2017: Live At The White House!

May 2nd, 2017: North Korea Update

April 25: #OpenGaetz: Pensacola Beach

March 22nd: Live from the Capitol

March 15th: Update on my Meeting with Vice President Pence



February 22nd: Live from Tallahassee

February 18th: Live with President Trump!

February 6th: Abolish the EPA

January 30th: President Trump’s Immigration Order

January 6th: Live From Washington D.C.