September 19, 2018

Gaetz: AG Sessions should go

PENSACOLA, Fla (WKRG) — Northwest Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz says U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions should resign.

“I think that he is impaired in doing the job and frankly he should step aside,” Gaetz told News 5. “Jeff Sessions is not in charge of the department of justice right now, Rod Rosenstein is.”

Rosenstein is Sessions’ deputy director. After Sessions recused himself from the investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in 2016, Rosenstein appointed special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

President Trump has repeatedly criticized and demeaned Sessions. Wednesday in an interview on The Hill, the president said, “I don’t have an attorney general.”

Gaetz also criticized Sessions for not rooting out political bias in the Justice Department.

“We can do better,” Gaetz said.

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