June 8, 2018

Rep. Gaetz: We Need Ryan to Stand With Congress, Not ‘Be a Defender of The Deep State’

In reference to Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisc.) criticism of President Donald Trump’s assertions about FBI spies in his 2016 presidential campaign and Ryan’s apparent non-interest in a special counsel to investigate the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s e-mail malfeasance, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said some GOP leaders are “carrying water” for the DOJ and that Ryan should be helping Congress and not defending “the deep state.”

“It is shameful to see House Republican Leadership emphasize support for FBI and DOJ intelligence collection on the Trump Campaign,” said Rep. Gaetz in a June 7 statement.

“Our leadership should be setting impeachment hearings for those who refuse to produce documents,” he said.  “Instead, some are carrying water for a Justice Department that has already resisted congressional oversight, misrepresented material facts to a FISA court, improperly redacted documents and failed to disclose spying on a presidential campaign.”

Discussing Speaker Ryan on the June 6 edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight, Rep. Gatez also said, “[T]here is no defense today for Paul Ryan siding with the FBI and Department of Justice against those of us in the Congress who are working for transparency and accountability. [Chairman] Devin Nunes, for example, has been asking for a year for the documents that go to the very heart of this Trump-Russia hoax.”

“As we sit here today, Lou, members of Congress have not been sent the documents that show why this investigation even began,” said Gaetz.

“[T]here’s no way any criminal prosecution could ever be brought against this president based on the bias and the mishandling of evidence,” said the Florida conservative.  “But instead of our speaker standing with us and putting the focus on the FBI’s refusal to turn over documents so that we could perform our oversight duties, instead he was defending the FBI.”

“And that’s deeply frustrating to me,” said Gaetz, “and we need the speaker to be an institutionalist for the Congress, not to be a defender of the deep state.”

Host Lou Dobbs responded, “And he is that. And he is a defender of K Street and Wall Street and the Koch brothers. The man has sold out. He’s been obviously sold out for years and we just wanted to check the record.”

Gaetz then noted that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), and Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) are “calling for a second special counsel and the silence from our very own speaker is deafening.”

“Speaker Ryan needs to step up, he needs to join us in a call for a second counsel and for goodness sake, stop defending the FBI’s collection of evidence on the Trump campaign when they refused to give us the documents to show whether or not they broke the law,” said Gaetz. “We already know the FBI and Department of Justice broke their own procedures.”

The day after the Lou Dobbs show was broadacast, Speaker Ryan held a press conference in which he defended his actions in relation to the congressional investigations of the FBI and stated “there is no evidence of collusion” between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russia.

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