June 4, 2018

Rep. Matt Gaetz: ‘Never Say Never’ On Trump Pardon Because Who Knows What ‘Unfairness’ He’ll Be Subjected To?

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is totally, unflinchingly on board with the idea that President Donald Trump can pardon himself. And he thinks that the Commander-in-Chief possibly may need to, because the other side might not play fair.

Appearing on Your World with Neil Cavuto Monday, the Florida Congressman suggested that the Framers of the Constitution intended for the president to have the unchecked ability to pardon himself because hey, who knows if they might be the target of a WITCH HUNT or something.

If there was aggressive prosecutorial misconduct, if there were circumstances that were just totally unreasonable where the president was treated unfairly, the balance of power, the checks and balances in our constitution, give the president unfettered pardon power for a reason. Again, I don’t believe he’s contemplating it. I don’t think anybody in Congress is contemplating. But we can never say never because we don’t know what unfairness the president could be subject to.

Never say never…

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